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Check out the list of the positions we’re hiring for now.

If Driven Products seems like the kind of place you would like to work and one of these positions fit your skillset, we really want to hear from you. Seriously, if you fit our culture and are a kickass contributor, reach out! If the positions listed below aren’t right for you and you’re still interested in becoming part of the Driven Products team, we still want to hear from you.

Customer Service Manager (CSM)

Are you an A Player with an exceptional background in customer service, management, and team building? Do you have a passion for personal and team development? If you answered “Yes!” to the questions above, keep reading...

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Head of Office Operations (Office Manager)

Do you have fond memories of the Dewey Decimal System? Have you had nightmares about debits and credits not matching? If you could marry a software program, would it be Excel? Perfect! We are looking for a highly detailed individual like you to be our Head of Office Operations. Some organizations may call this position an Office Manager. But, we think it’s much more than that.

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Warehouse Associate

Are you looking for Warehouse Associate jobs near Kent, WA?

As a Warehouse Associate, you will be a contributor to all shipping and warehouse related daily operations tasks. Your responsibilities will include shipping outbound orders, receiving inbound inventory/returns, light manufacturing, and warehouse/facility maintenance.

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